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Altered Geek

The podcast with Unlimited potential. Each week we dive into the the newest Film, TV, Toons, Tech, and Gear. Get Altered, Get Geeky with the Altered Geeks!

Disney + Fox = Profit, Windows 10 Woes, Pikachu’s Voice, Star Wars, Avatar(s), Introspectiveness & Tarantino Trek

On “Altered Geek,” Steve catches up talking about his recent trip for TFG1Mike’s wedding, using UBER, Disney and Fox Merger, Pikachu’s Voice, Sleazebag Hollywood, Intro/Extro-spectiveness, Avatarism, Quentin Tarantino Star Trek, Episode VIII, Windows 10 Fall Creator’s Update issues and more! All this and more on Altered Geek! Signup for Audiograms …

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Your Brain Online, Zach Snyder JL Cut Exist, Streaming Voice of the Future & YouTube Safe for Kids?

On “Altered Geek,” Steve catches up with the listeners on his soon travel to Chicago for TFG1Mike’s wedding as well as listener feedback. Following that the conversation goes into the issues surrounding Justice League, controllers of the future through voice, Mr Roger’s Neighborhood Documentary, and YouTube NSFK(ids). All this and …

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Justice League Controversy & Rotten Tomatoes, TV Revivals You May Not Know, DCEU Fan Casting, Star Wars 8 & Thanksgiving Traditions

On “Altered Geek,” Steve catches up with the listeners on household updates, as well as being overwhelmed at the end of the year and prepping for Best Man duty. Diving into the #WhatsGeekyToYou segment, Steve explores one site’s thoughts on ranking Pixar films, The Incredibles 2 Teaser, Justice League Controversy & …

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The Fox and Disney Conundrum, Lord of the Rings & Quantum Leap Revival? & My Christmas Vacation Story

On “Altered Geek,” Steve sits down to discuss The Fox and Disney Conundrum, What Ghostbusters, Lord of the Rings and Quantum Leap have in common, My ‘Christmas Vacation’ Story, McDonald’s new dynamic road Ads, ‘Unbreakable’ followup film ‘Glass’, Odd X-BOX titles, Podcast Patent Trolls, and more! All this and more on …

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