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Nerd to the Third Power Ep.255: Weird Endings!

This week, Gonzo and Cat talk about how some stories just can’t find a way to end that doesn’t piss us off or leave us scratching our heads. WEBSITE: https://www.nerdtothethirdpower.com ASK A GEEK! Email questions to drgonzo@nerdtothethirdpower.com FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: https://twitter.com/nerdtothethird The Cat: https://twitter.com/LabyrinthCat Skyblaze: https://twitter.com/blazingskies Multiverse Bryan: https://twitter.com/BAClend …

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TurdOrTreasure – Peach Ball – Video Mastering Works 7 – Monster Jam – Death’s Gambit – More!

TurdOrTreasure is ThisWeekInGeek’s dedicated review show covering everything from games to movies to tv to electronics and everything between. This Episode: What’s New? – Death’s Gambit (PS4 Review) – They Are Billions (Xbox One Review) – Monster Jam Steel Titan (Xbox One Review) – Senran Kagura Peach Ball (Nintendo Switch Review) …

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