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Live Episodes

TWiG – Episode 011

Here it is folks, the last episode of the season in our little fishbowl at Niagara College for this term. Don’t worry though, TWiG is going to continue in the summer with Season 1.5, but we are going to take 2 weeks off for exams and working on our revamp …

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TWiG – Episode 010

It’s a little bit late, but just in time. Here is our Binary episode 010. This episode takes terrorists by the balls with Bauer Power. Jack Bauer that is. The following takes place between the time you start this episode to an hour later. 59:46 to be exact. Yes that’s …

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TWiG – Episode 009

The Official James Bond episode is here. Yeah I know it’s not our 007 episode, but hey at least we at least tried. So download, enjoy, and please excuse the awkward moments from the random, unexpected, non-airable phone calls. For shownotes go to http://del.icio.us/thisweekingeek/TWiG009 Subscribe to us using iTunes or …

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TWiG – Episode 008

Well it’s the biggest rumble of all time. Which is better Marvel or DC Comics. Well this week we take the behomith hulk of a battle between the top comic companies and seek justice as this civil war ensues! I bring you episode 008 of TWiG! Special guest: Greg “Geek …

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TWiG – Episode 007

I can assure you we don’t have a license to kill, but we do have something in common with that guy who likes to say his last name first then say his full name, this is Episode double “O” seven. And as we ride our Astin Martins to fight off …

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TWiG – Episode 006

As Bill Shatner keeps milking his Cap’n Kirk fame ’til it’s run dry we are attempting to do the same with this episode. But, as you know we have. better. content. then. “every. word. is. its. own. sentence. Shatner.” So with that in mind we present TWiG-Episode 006 Shownotes are …

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