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TWiG Appearances

The Mike Laidman Interview: Comic Culture

Hey Guys, recently TWIG's own Fist of Justice Mike Laidman and Laura "Boobies" Thomas were on 93.3 FM CFMU McMaster Radio on the Comic Culture show. Join Mike and Laura as well as the hosts Chris Owen and Walter Durajlija as they discuss the Walking Dead TV show, censorship in the gaming industry, the new Batman movie and much more. And why would they wanna interview Laidman anyway? Oh right because he draws comics.

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TWIG appearances-MGS Peace Walker Pre release podcast

Snake? SSSSSSSSSSSSSNNNNAAAAAAAAKKKKKKKKEEEEEEEE!!!!! Hideo Kojima’s amazing Metal Gear Solid series is a ground breaking video game that Birdman is absolutely in love with. Amanda Mack who is a MGS nut herself invited Birdman to come on her podcast to celebrate the newest entry into the series which is the psp exclusive …

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