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Report On: Veg Food Fest 2014

Media nerds and vegetarians are both dedicated to a distinct lifestyle and culture which sets them aside from mainstream diets. They’re fascinated with something that takes extra thought and has developed a community. But while the comic fans and videogamers spend a year waiting for the chance to spend $100 …

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Report On: FanExpo 2014

The winter con was a modest but fun experience. The March convention was a fun experience too. But Informa would be foolish to think they were prepared for an event the scale of Fan Expo. Always a mixed bag, a lot of great experiences, interactions, deals, and the fear that …

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Report On: ConBravo! 2014

ConBravo started as general purpose Geek experience, but it stumbled into being a Canadian analogue of Vidcon. While Fanexpo might have the stars of television and movies, Conbravo focuses on the stars of Youtube, and Youtube has sort-of caught on. But to those not immersed in the culture of Angry …

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Report On: TFCon Toronto 2014.

While the Transformers fandom’s feelings on the recent movie are mixed, thankfully TFcon (July 11th-14th 2014) celebrates any and all aspects of the now-30 year old brand, from the theatrical portions, to the most obscure licensing. This is TFcon’s 11th year, and the 4th at the Delta Meadowvale Hotel and …

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Report on: Botcon 2014

There’s a lot of spoiled fandoms. Marvel fans have tons of media to swim in, Star Wars fans are on the edge of a new era. But nobody can deny the Transformers fandom has it extremely good, with toys, comics, shows, movies, videogames, and other branded material we devour. And …

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Vlog- Ressha Sentai ToQger #4-6

In Japan, Super Sentai is the name given to a lineage of spandex clad superhero teams…the same ones used for Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers and its successors. In this series of vlogs, Derek the Bard discusses the newest iteration of Sentai, the exceptional express elites, imagining victory, Ressha Sentai ToQger! …

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TWiG Fan DVD Commentary – Dracula

This Week in Geek presents our first Halloween commentary for 2013, Dracula! Join horror geeks Mike “The Birdman” Dodd and David “Double D” Denis as they look back at the 1930’s classic that started it all. If you’re a fan of vampires, horror or hanging out with cool people then …

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