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Nerd News network episode 57

Our Internet has been restored and the Birdcage is back online! PREPARE YOURSELVES!!!! In this edition of the Nerd news network with Mike “The Birdman”Dodd we do our very best to avoid talking about E3 since we already did that BUT….we talk about Shenmue 3, some Batman news that we …

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Nerd News Network-Episode 55

Welcome to the Nerd News network! In this edition of the show, we welcome a new sponsor from Meowbox.com and cover the latest in geeky news from this great big blue marble called Earth. We have news relating to the “Grid” being shut down and Tron being derezzed for good,a …

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Nerd News Network-Episode 50

It’s the weekend and that means you likely have no idea what happened this week in the world of the weird,wacky and wonderful. Well have a solution for that, the Nerd News Network with Mike “The Birdman”Dodd! In this edition of the NNN, we take a look at the casting …

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