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TWiG – Season 1.5 Charity Event


We’re back!!! Yes that’s right join us as we celebrate our Season 1.5 launch with the biggest TWiG event of the year! Live from MT Bellies in Welland Ontario, the Season 1.5 Party/Charity event for Little Geeks. Find out more about Little Geeks by going to http://littlegeeks.org

Total we raised almost 200 dollars for http://littlegeeks.org That’s so cool.

We want to thank all our sponsors for providing such awesome prizes for a good cause. But above all we would like to thank MT Bellies for letting us have this event in their restaurant. Without them this event wouldn’t be possible.

Now with all the amazing prizes we had, we still have one left for one special Internet listener. We have an unlocked Sony Ericcson J300a phone specifically set aside for you! All you have to do to enter the contest is to send an email to feedback@thisweekingeek.net with the Subject line “GIVE ME A PHONE, DAMNIT” with your name in the body of the message and you are automatically entered. If you would like to donate to Little Geeks if you dontate by clicking here and copy the PayPal receipt number in the email then you get not only one entry, but two!

You have until 11:59pm June 30th to enter in which we will randomly draw for the phone. So enter, and good luck!

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