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TWiG Holiday gift guide 2012- End of the world edition

It’s the end of the world as we know it so why not max out our credit cards and splurge on this apocalyptic holiday season! The TWiG crew gather around the bomb shelter and let you know what you should buy your loved ones this season providing December 25th actually happens and you can still take advantage of free shipping. Snowball,Birdman and our own fallout boy Scotty are joined via communication drop by Laidman,Laura and even Mrs Birdman for their picks for gifts and beyond.

Remember to have a safe and happy holidays and as always, aim for the head, loot the body and it’s only murder if someone catches you.

See Birdman from January 3-7 at MAGFest! Would love to meet up with some fellow Bronies and Pegasisters!
I’ll be wearing my Commander Shepard Pinkie Pie mash up cosplay!

Snowball’s picks for 2012

Batman:Earth One

Kala Exotic Mahogany Series KA-TEM Tenor (Acoustic)

The Captains

Scottydoo’s picks for 2012

Astro A40s

Bond 50: Celebrating Five Decades of James Bond

Adventure Time TPB volume 1

Birdman’s picks for 2012

Star Trek:TNG Season 2 Blu ray

UltraAV® Mini 1×4 HDMI® Audio/Video Splitter

Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space

Mrs Birdman’s picks for 2012

Kobo Glo

Wii U deluxe 32 GB console

FunRise My Little Pony Plushies

Mike & Laura’s picks for 2012

Walking Dead: The Video Game

Devil may Cry 3 Dante PlayArts Kai

Gloom:Card game

It would also be in your best interest to buy one of Snowball’s books…
if you know what we mean *cracks knuckles*
Go here and buy 1,2 or 12 if you know what’s good for you…

TWIG would like to thank our Sponsors this season for their services

Gamer Grub-Food for gamers!
StarFleet-Star Trek Fan club

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Mike “Birdman” Dodd

Steve “Snowball” Saylor

Scott “Kidnapped by terrorists” Bordas

Mike “Abducted by aliens” Laidman

Laura “Crossed border into Area 51” Thomas

Blaire “Derpy Hooves” Dodd

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TWiG Holiday gift guide 2012- End of the world edition

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