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TWiG Films – Mike’s ScrewATAT


Proving even more that Mike is the craziest person at This Week in Geek, we bring you the video that was used for the G1 Submission Sunday over at screwattack.com.

What is the video you ask?

Well, since Mike likes to torture his body to no end, he got the hair brained idea (I'm not sure if he was drunk at the time) to get a tattoo. This tattoo puts him into the upper echelon of dedication to the world of geekdom. I present to you Mike “The Birdman” Dodd, proud card carrying member of the ScrewATAT

Special thanks to DJAxis for the tattoo artwork and to screwattack.com for their great web content

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    That is still on of the most bad ass things I have seen. Even though I give congrats to Hybrid Rain for being 2008 g1 of the year, you are the first and original Birdman!