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  • I checked out some of the sessions at Podcamp, there are a lot of cool segments like Steve’s novel panel and the puppet podcasting.

    • @Todd Meek – Yeah my panel was quite fun actually. The puppet podcasting one, I couldn’t go to, but Dave said it was cool.

      Steve “Snowball” Saylor
      -Host / Producer / Web Master for thisweekingeek.net

  • This clip was hilarious lol. I liked how you got a Joker look a like at the end too lol. You guys musta been on something in this clip lol.

    • Wow, just realized that these comments aren’t threaded. LOL So this comment is in response to @Steve.

      Nah, we were just tired, but that was random and awesome to see a Live Human Statue of the Joker! He was funny and cool. LOL

      Steve “Snowball” Saylor
      -Host / Producer / Web Master for thisweekingeek.net

  • I wish I was able to attend it looks like fun.

  • i hope you guys are having fun (Mike getting drunk off his ass)
    and i’m gonna try watching the live TWiG show

    • Thanks man! Did you happen to catch it? If not we’ll try to put the video live on the site at some point, but we will have the actual episode on the feed soon. We recorded it to be used as Episode 049.

      Steve “Snowball” Saylor
      -Host / Producer / Web Master for thisweekingeek.net

  • Aw, I missed the TWIG episode and Steve’s panel. I’ll staying tune for Birdman’s panel tomorrow. Are you guys going to be able to have your panels up on the site?

    • That’s not a bad idea actually. We’ll see about adding them to the feed or on the site at some point.

      Steve “Snowball” Saylor
      -Host / Producer / Web Master for thisweekingeek.net

  • @Snowball- I missed yours Steve and for some reason the live feed wouldn’t work on Birdman’s. I did see the puppet panel live, that was pretty cool. He basically just showed us a bunch of people who have puppet podcasts. He didn’t really get into details on how to make them but he told us some of the advantages of using puppets.

    He directed the audience to this link for more information


  • @Snowball – no i didn’t get to see the live show, the website with the player wouldn’t work so I’ll wait until you guys post it on here or iTunes