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TWiG 2.0

Hello everyone,

Snowball here, and I wanted to welcome you to our new updated site here at http://thisweekingeek.net!

We have grown to such a degree that our old site was buckling from the pressure. Honestly! We had soo much content that we were pushing out that there was no where to put any of it!

So with this site obviously comes new functionality and ease of navigation. You can look through all our episode categories as well as our Web Prescence by clicking on any of the links in the main navigation bar at the top. Also you may have noticed that there is a new Contributors section. Yes that is true we have been given great products to review for all our loyal listeners and we wanted to thank them by showcasing them on our site.

Does that mean we sold out? Heck no! If a product is bad we will tell you about it. If a product is good we will also tell you about it. It comes with being a Geek Reviewer.

Another thing you might have noticed is a new search feature. Now I know that isn't a great feature, but if you were having trouble finding that episode we did on RPG's (Episode 2 by the way), before you couldn't find it easily. Well now you can! Just type whatever you are looking for and you will find what you need in no time!

So, with all this new stuff, is there anything else on the way? Of course, our listeners have been asking for a way to play our episodes on the site without having to fully download the show. Well, I can tell you a Flash Player is on the way and it will be implemented as soon as possible.

Anyway, that's it for now. I hope you enjoy the new site, and if you have any questions or comments about the site redesign, email us at feedback@thisweekingeek.net and we'll get back to you.

So that's it for me, Take care, and as always I remain, obediently yours….


Steve “Snowball” Saylor
Host/Producer/Web Master
“This Week in Geek”

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