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This Week in Geek Special Interview-Geoff Desmoulin

In this special interview on This Week in Geek, we get a chance to talk to one of Spike TV’s coolest guys…Geoff Desmoulin from “Deadliest Warrior”.

Birdman and Geoff sit down and talk about the “Deadliest Warrior” and all the fun that goes into creating one of the funnest shows on television. Geoff also shares what it took to become involved in the show and some of the behind the scenes work that goes into every episode of the show. Birdman also tests Geoff’s skills by placing two of the greatest fictional bad asses against each other….television’s Jack Bauer vs Die Hard films hero John McClane and find out who emerges victorious….
Take a listen and learn some fun new facts about the show,Geoff himself and ultimately who wins a battle of the bad asses!

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