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This Week in Geek – Behind The Scenes

Here is a video of a behind the scenes look at today's last show on 90.1 FM of This Week in Geek.

(Oh and there is a post-roll ad, just to let you know)

For those who tuned in this morning, thank you!

Hope you enjoy!

As always, I remain, obediently yours.

Steve “Snowball” Saylor

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  • Interesting set up you guys have in the studio. Was it weird to have like 4 open windows to the halls of Niagara College? I always had a feeling you guys had to really tone down your normal language on air.

    • Yeah that’s why we called it the fishbowl, because everyone could see us! LOL

      But yeah we basically were not allowed to swear on the radio, which as you can tell, can be tough for some of us. LOL But yeah it was fun being there each week to do a show.

      Steve “Snowball” Saylor
      -Host/Producer/Web Master for thisweekingeek.net

  • LOL still a cool setup you guys had. Looks like you all had a crap ton of fun in there too. And it certainly was a fishbowl.

  • Why can’t you swear?

    • Because it was an officially licensed Canadian Radio Station and they had rules and regulations as to what you can and cannot hear on the radio. Same with any other radio station why they can’t swear.