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“The Cell Phone of Doom!!”

Greetings Mortals and immortals alike!

Mike “Birdman” coming at you, from someplace far beneath the Earth's core, I call it Rez.

We have returned from an unexpected interuption in our programming due to the Hoth like Snowstorm we experienced last week so now we have to step it up a notch.

This week's TWIG will be another hour long discussion of weirdness but with a different kind of twist…..this week we cover the epic and soon to be system spanning HALO series. That's right the game that left you hungry for more carnage and the sound of the needler ringing in your ears or the crack of the sniper rifle as the last sound you hear. We want to share with you the history of the franchaise so far and where it goes from here on out.
PLUS all the usual tech news and the witter banter of the Snowball and Birdman.

Weeks ago, my cell phone died on me with ALL my contact info and of course, this phone was pre sim card and now I want vengenance on it and I want YOUR HELP

come up with the most creative manner to destroy this technological terror with your way to destroy it and WIN THIS

A scaled Yoda ROTS lightsaber one of the 250 GOLD CHASE lightsabers

So email your suggestions @
OR leave us A myspace message or comment @
or leave a comment here on this post (don't worry about the being approved part, we will get the comments and approve them as soon as they come in)

Anyway, we will ALSO be bringing you a special DOWNLOAD only show and some new video content in the next few days so STAY TUNED 🙂


This is Mike “Birdman” Dodd
signing off!

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