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SPONSORED POST Minepick.com- Have you tried Minecraft?


It is very few games where you are set in a world only you to decide what to do next. The most common thing in a game is that you have a mission and if you cannot finish that mission you cannot go on to the next level. That’s where Minecraft strikes the opposite. Minecraft is all about creativity, teamwork and being your own person to decide what your next mission should be.

In basic terms Minecraft is an almost infinitive universe made out of cubic blocks. There are stone blocks, grass blocks and all kinds of different earth-like materials that together creates a quite realistic world. Every block in a Minecraft world can be destroyed or picked up one way or the other. By picking up and destroying blocks you can create basically anything in the world. Some people are recreating real life cities and fiction creations. One of the most recent popular projects is where a group of great builders are creating places out of the Game of Thrones tv-show/books, and they look almost identical. It’s really amazing to witness the creativity that comes out of this game.

The funniest way to play Minecraft is online together with friends. There are tons of Minecraft servers out there you can play for free on as long you got a legitimate copy of the game which can be purchased over at their official website for a cheap penny. This is a great game to play together with your kids, siblings, parents or even grandparents. As it’s really no limit to what age a person can be playing the game. The only requirement is pretty much a basic understanding how to use a computer. If you want to find a server to play on it’s recommended you visit a server list. A server list ranks servers based on how popular they are. This is to make sure you only the best servers are shown in the top. A server list such as this is
at Minepick.com!

If you haven’t tried Minecraft already and find this interesting. Purchase the game and then head over to MinePick to find a server to play on. It’s a lot of fun, I promise that Minecraft is worth a look!!

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