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RAD Retro Hunt Episode 2

Mike “The Birdman” Dodd returns with a second episode of the RAD Retro Hunt and this time we are on the look out for whatever we can find. The signs are all around Birdman that the retro roots have run near dry from his usual haunts of Kijiji and Craigslist and so he resorts to…THE FACEBOOK! We search high and low with a limited budget for the retro games that have laid dormant in closets or buried under beds and more. The hunt take us from Birdman’s backyard and all the way to Niagara Falls where Birdman presents an award at Niagara College.

Exciting? Not really
Funny? Depends on your sense of humor
It could be worse guys!

*Editors note*
Still figuring out this whole video thing but having a blast while doing it. Be gentle
Love Birdman

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-Music featured in this episode-
Metal Man-10 Minutes of Hypothermia
(OC Remix-Mega Man X: Maverick Rising)
MegaRan-Splash Woman Instrumental

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