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Guest Blog from Laura “Boobies” Thomas-Nerdgasm parties?!

Ain’t No Party Like a Nerdgasm Party

This weekend I attended my second ‘nerdgasm’ party. For those of those who aren’t aware of what a nerdgasm is, it’s basically a party where people of all different nerdish leanings get together and enjoy being nerds together. I highly recommend throwing your own nerdgasm party and encouraging your friends to invite their nerdy friends. It’s a great way to not only meet new friends, but also discover new hobbies you might not have considered before.
For all those out there who are intrigued by this concept, I’ll tell you how to throw your own nerdgasm party. It’s pretty simple, really. Once you’ve picked a date, it’s easiest to make a facebook event to invite people to your party. If you haven’t used facebook to make an event before, it’s pretty easy and a great way to keep track of how many people are coming.
Once you’ve invited a bunch of people, see what people are up for activities wise and who can bring what for games, food, and drinks. If you’ve got people who can bring over gaming controllers or even an extra TV or projector get them to do so. This way you can have an awesome LAN party for whatever game you and your friends are up for. It’s even funnier when your party has some FLAN moments because usually people get a good chuckle out of things not working. Both of the nerdgasm parties I’ve been to had video gaming going on and for a good chunk of the night people were playing video games for at least a portion of the night.
Have a table set up, or if you have the space two tables. One table for card gaming and one for tabletop gaming. Even if no one ends up using one of them, at least the option is there for people. You’re most likely to get more guests doing a game that is easy for anyone to pick up, and I learned to play Munchkin at my first nerdgasm and then won at my second. Yes, I’m gloating a little. It’s a great game and very easy to learn, even for drunk people. Plus the cards and art are hilarious, and everyone always laughs like crazy while playing it.
As for drinks and food, have some cups out and a couple things for people, but like most parties it’s probably best if you go BYOB. Get people to bring things like chips, but serve a meal like pizza or sandwiches. Anything people can eat with their hands. Gaming is so much easier with finger foods!
Before I get away from drinking, you should plan a drinking game for your friends. The first nerdgasm I attended had a great game called ‘Wizard Sticks’. All you need is canned beer and tape. Every time you finish a beer, you tape your new can on top of the can you just finished. Tallest stick wins. Host, make sure you have duct tape. Oh, and a wizard costume for the winning wizard to wear. Why? Cause it’s hilarious. I don’t drink and I found this game hilarious to watch, mostly because of the escalating competition between those participating that managed to rise to an insane degree. Cheating is totally allowed if you don’t get caught.
Throwing a nerdgasm party is pretty simple. Most people coming will bring their own forms of entertainment to throw into the mix and the party will just flow. Bring lightsabers, nerf guns, and anything else you can think of. People may choose to bring laptops for playing some WoW or other online games. I brought my Nintendo DSi and played Pokemon while most guests were playing Halo ODST. I’m not a big fan of shooting games, so having my handheld system meant I got to be with the group and still enjoy the conversation and do my own thing at the same time. Ok, the conversation was mostly expletives being shouted by people who had just gotten shot, but still the company was nice and it was hilarious to watch. Like I said, it’s a great way to pick up a new hobby and an even better way to make new friends. The best part of nerdgasm parties is that really everyone gets to do what entertains them and no one is made to feel like a dork for doing something that they enjoy.

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