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Guest Blog-DaimoMac- Dragonage:Dawn of the seeker

Editors note:
Birdman here, I’d like to welcome Wil from Lost with Music who has written a review from the screening of Funimation’s latest offering.
Big thanks to Wil for covering this for This week in Geek and thanks to Funimation for putting this together in Bioware’s hometown of Edmonton,Alberta.

Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker

Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker tells the story of Cassandra Pentaghast (voiced by Colleen Clinkenbeard) who finds herself at the middle of a conspiracy that could destroy the very Chantry that she has sworn to protect. Along side her is a Circle Mage named Regalyan D”Marcall (voiced by J Michael Tatum) whom she, at first, begrudgingly accepts as an ally. Over the course of the 90 minute movie, we get to learn more about Cassandra’s past and why she herself became a Seeker.

The animation style in this movie is a unique blend of 3D modelling and 2D animation giving the it an almost cel shaded feel. When the first trailers were released, quite a few people were being rather negative about the animation. Given the how fluid the animation is and the style of fighting portrayed by Cassandra, this art style is perfect for the movie. It gives allows the characters to be more free in their movements, and allows Cassandra to showcase her uniqueness amongst the other seekers.

I have to give Oxybot credit with the art design for the movie. They were able to take the somewhat dated graphics from the first two games and make the movie seem more eye catching. You know it’s a cartoon, but there is such a high level of detail, you easily forget that it is cel shaded. My only gripe is some of the monster design choices near the end of the final battle as the 3D models they used seemed out of place. Had they stuck with the original cel shaded, I think it would not have been such a jarring contrast.

Writer Jeffery Scott, whose credits include Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1995 season) Muppet Babies (1984-1991) and Goof Troop (1994 season), has ventured into somewhat dark territory here given the very bloody history of the Dragon Age series. This movie is defiantly not for kids as there are decapitations, and buckets of blood being spilt in typical Dragon Age fashion. While it is not a gore fest, the more delicate viewers might feel squeamish over the more intense blood loss depicted by the wounded.

If it’s one thing that BioWare has done right it is their characters. There is so much design and personality in their characters that you can’t not like them. Dawn of the Seeker is no different except with an entire cast, it is only with the two protagonists. Cassandra is your typical hard as nails with a tragic past warrior while Regalyan is soft spoken, caring, even a bit sarcastic. Both characters play off each other and while at first they don’t get along, by the end they are friends. I expected there to be a romance subplot between the two, but nothing romantically occurred between them. Perhaps for the best.

The voice work in this movie is solid. Colleen Clinkenbeard gives a solid performance as Cassandra Penterghast. She is brash, stubborn and hard as nails, but can show a softer, more delicate side, giving the warrior much needed depth. J. Michael Tatum’s work as Regalyan D’Marcall is great. His performance seemed to be channelling bits of Alistair from Dragon Age and Issac Dinan from Baccano. He can be serious, but usually finds a way to bring about some much needed humour.

The only real mark against the movie is the music choices. The sound effects are good but the music itself is very forgettable. It becomes more obvious during the credits, when they have a rock song instead of something more instrumental.

This is a great movie for both fans and newcomers to the series. To the fan’s, this is an excellent way to expand on the story and to the newcomers they will find the story engaging. There are minor plot points from previous games that are mentioned in the movie, but you don’t need to have played the games to understand the plot. This is an excellent movie and a great way to tide yourself over before Dragon Age III.

You can find more information about Dragonage:Dawn of the seeker but going to the official website
Dragonage:Dawn of the seeker at Funimation

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