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Double D’s Daily Dose: Update and Movie Top 25: #19 – The Godfather Part II


So, I had a really lazy weekend. I spent most of it playing Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time. Yeah, I know. That game came out like three years ago. I’m pretty behind when it comes to video games. Most of my collection can be found in the local Wal-Mart discount bin. I love Ratchet and Clank by the way. At some point I’ll write about it. Anyway, since I was having a wonderful lazy time, I decided something. I’m not gonna do weekends anymore. That’s right. I’m takin’ ‘em off. From now on, this is a Mon.-Fri. type of deal. Don’t like that? Well, why don’t you leave a comment and tell me. Oh, what’s that? You don’t care enough? That’s what I thought.

Anywho, here’s the next entry in my top 25 and the first that isn’t a repost. I got as far as 2001: A Space Odyssey the last time I tried this, so let’s continue from there. #19 is a classic from the ‘70’s and the first sequel to ever win best picture. I’m talking about The Godfather Part II. This is often considered by critics to be the best sequel ever made, and for good reason. It holds up to the original in almost every way. Oh, don’t worry. I’ll be getting to the original Godfather further up the list. I guess that’s a bit of a spoiler there. Oh well.

For the unfortunate few who haven’t seen these movies (maybe you’re fortunate if we’re talking about The Godfather Part III) the Godfather saga follows the exploits of the Corleones, an Italian family who thrive on crime in the mafia of New York City. The first film introduces us to a young Michael Corleone, just back from the army and ready to start a family with his wife, Kaye. However, when his father, Vito (an Academy Award-winning performance by Marlon Brando) is shot and seriously injured, Michael becomes the most viable option to take over the family business and restore order to the mafia world.

It’s weird talking about the sequel first, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles here. Besides, this sequel is actually a prequel/ sequel, as unique a concept today as it was at the time. The film jumps back and forth between Michael Corleone’s rise to power and estrangement from his family in the wake of his father’s death and the origin story of how Vito Corleone made his way to America and established his business from the ground up. The argument can be made that the second film has a weaker story overall that’s why two were required where one would suffice in the first film and I will agree that the first Godfather film is a stronger film, which is why it appears higher up on this list, but one cannot avoid the merits of this film as well. I will say that I prefer the prequel storyline to the sequel one, but they’re both necessary and neither really works on its own. At 3 and a half hours, it may seem a little over-whelming at first, but The Godfather Part II is just as rewarding an experience as the first film. Stunning cinematography, a solid story and powerful performances abound.

So, my recommendation would be, if you haven’t seen the Godfather films yet, do yourself a favour and check them out. There’s a reason for all that hype. Hell, even the third one isn’t that bad. It sure as hell ain’t good enough to make this list, but it’s only unworthy of the first two films. That doesn’t make it a bad movie though. It’s just that the first two Godfathers are so good that just about anything is unworthy in comparison.

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