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Double D’s Daily Dose: Movie Top 25: #21 – The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers


Now for the next entry in my top 25, #21: The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. Here we go again with another Lord of the Rings movie and then in a few more posts we’ll get yet another one. I’m going to be talking about Lord of the Rings for a while, but hey, I don’t mind since I love these movies! I’ve got quite an attachment to this one especially since I still remember seeing it in theatres when I was 13 and how excited I was. I don’t think I had ever seen something so epic in scope on the big screen before. There were goblins, trolls, elves, hobbits and ring-wraiths all popping out at me. My eyes were literally glued to the screen for about 3 hours.

To this day, 9 years on, I still can’t watch this movie without getting a little sentimental and nostalgic. I even had the big making-of book when I was a kid. What stuck with me the most though wasn’t just how cool the movie looked with all its mind-blowing special effects and state-of-the-art this and that. It was the characters and just how much you connected with them by the end of the film. Every character here serves a purpose and drives home a truly epic story about overcoming fear, carrying heavy burdens and getting by with a little help from your friends.

Now, I have to say, I’m not the world’s biggest fantasy fanboy and I don’t just like Lord of the Rings because it has a cool-looking cave troll or whatever, but I must admit, the entire look and detail of this world is so incredibly beautiful, from the mines of Moria to the forests of Lothlorien and beyond, this is a simply gorgeous film to gaze at. Weta did a spectacular job of bringing the book to the screen in the most incredible way possible. Again though, ultimately it’s about character and story and Peter Jackson does an excellent job of streamlining Tolkien’s somewhat convoluted book into something engaging and intelligent for the big screen, no easy task indeed and of course it took the director of Brain Dead to do it.

It didn’t take very long for this film to be recognized for the masterpiece that it is and with good reason. All three Lord of the Rings movies are great, but I think The Fellowship of the Ring will always hold a special place in my heart, because of nostalgia as well as great film-making. I have to say, even if these films are over-hyped, it’s because they deserve it. And that’s why The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring is #21 on my top 25.

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