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Double D’s Daily Dose: Me, Mara Wilson, Mara Wilson, and I

So, I think I may have made another semi-famous person hate me. I am way too good at making people hate me. I mean there’s skills and then there’s natural abilities. This is closer to the latter. The famous person I’m referring to is Mara Wilson. Some of you may know her from her recent resurgence in the internet world after being featured on a Nostalgia Critic video. I should link to it, but I won’t even bother. It’s his A Simple Wish review. It’s not hard to find and if you’re reading this, chances are you’ve seen it already. Anyways, for those of you who don’t know, Mara Wilson was the little girl who starred in such “classics” as Mrs. Doubtfire, Miracle of 34th St. and Matilda. You know who I’m talking about. My sister and I used to literally refer to her as “that girl” because she kept turning up in every movie we watched. Anyways, she grew up into a New York-dwelling feminist aspiring-playwright with a BFA.

Now, compare that to me, also an aspiring writer who lives in the middle of nowhere and has almost no convictions. I’m neither liberal nor conservative. I really just believe in good ideas and question anything that doesn’t make sense to me. Not out of malicious intent, but merely for clarification. I can be an idiot, but I’m trying to learn about the world. I don’t like to go into anything with convictions in hand. I’d rather go in with nothing and take out an opinion, rather than the other way around.

Anyways, it was with this curiosity and need for clarification that I first contacted Mara Wilson on Twitter and she got the wrong impression and things sort of digressed. It didn’t help that it was a public conversation. I’m sure if we had talked one on one it wouldn’t have been so bad, but her fans sort of took a gang-rape mentality to me. I didn’t stand a chance. I was eventually perceived as the bad guy by everyone, including Mara, though this was never my intent. People need to know a few things about me. I project a persona on Facebook and Twitter of being more crazy, stupid and mean than I am in real life. It’s sort of my shtick. Not everyone finds it funny. I get that. But it’s my persona. Part of it comes from who I really am, but most of it is an exaggeration of myself; sort of a caricature of everything that generally makes people not like me, if you will. Remember in the movie The Mask when Jim Carry puts the mask on and it sort of brings out his deeper, inner-most self? That’s how I am online. This blog, my Facebook, Twitter, all of that, it’s my Mask self. It’s mostly because I find it funny to take all of my flaws and amplify them. Most of what I do, I do not because I’m trying to amuse anyone else, but merely to amuse myself and hope at least one other person is amused by it. This mentality has gotten me in trouble before, but not usually with a famous person. Sean Schemmel and I had a falling out about a year ago, but that’s another story.

The reason I messaged Mara was to clarify her thoughts on academy award winning writer Aaron Sorkin. She had posted something about not liking him and I asked for clarification, so she sent me this article.

After reading it, I wanted clarification as to why Mara decided to side with the reporter. Sure, Sorkin was a douche in that situation, but nobody’s perfect. It’s not reason enough to hate someone in my opinion and I think the writer overreacted like crazy. She took my search for clarity as passive aggressive hate-mongering though. I don’t blame her. It’s an easy mistake.

Anyways, this is getting long, so I’ll skip re-posting our entire conversation, but know that it did digress pretty quickly. I’m not angry at her and I sincerely am sorry if she is offended with me. I hope she can forgive me, a lowly blogger with what? Three readers? I gotta have at least three. The last thing I need is yet another person hating me. I don’t take back the way I feel about the article, but I will say that I could have handled the situation better and presented myself better. My friend Luke stepped in and tried to apologize for me, but she seemed a little apprehensive to it. Thanks though, Luke.

The sad thing is I really wanted to do an interview with her and possibly talk to several different fully-grown former child-stars that are roughly the same age as me. It’s unlikely that this will ever happen now, which is too bad. On the bright side, I gained like seven twitter followers because of it, so there’s that.

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