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Double D’s Daily Dose: Giving Blood, Playing in a Worship Band and Sucking at Golf

So, I sort of set up in my schedule blog a week ago that I’d be doing some sort of “super-blog” where I discuss a few things going on in my life right now and maybe give one paragraph of my thoughts on each. Those topics are donating blood, playing bass for church and being bad at golf. So, I guess without further adieu, let’s jump on into that.

First off, I’ll talk about giving blood. I’ve done it now 19 times. I was hoping to get up to the big 2-0 a few weeks ago, but I missed my chance since I’m going on this volunteer trip to Moldova this summer and had to get up to date on my shots, so the shots I got would make my blood unsafe since the virus could still be knocking about in there. So, I couldn’t go unfortunately. I was looking forward to telling people I’ve given blood 20 times. It just sounds nicer than 19. Oh well. I plan on giving for a while anyway. The crappy thing though is that the last few times I gave there were complications, like I started bleeding after I was done or I almost passed out. That almost never happens to me, but has since they changed the chairs from the ones that let you lie down to the ones where you have to stay upright. I think it has something to do with that. So, don’t be scared if you want to give blood. Stuff like that usually doesn’t happen. I think I’ve just run into a patch of bad luck. Giving blood gives you a strange sense of euphoria too. You get a pretty nice buzz off it, if you can get over the whole sucking vital fluids out of your body part. Oh, and you help save lives when you do it too. That’s always kind of nice.

Now, on to topic #2, playing bass for my church worship band. I joined the group a couple months ago. I was going to try and play guitar, but we already have two guitarists and something about bass just sort of clicked with me. I’ve swung back and forth between the two for a while now, but I think I might have landed permanently on bass. I really just love playing it. Bass is hard to practice on its own, due to its collaborative nature. It just sort of lends itself to being part of an overall group or musical atmosphere. A bass on its own usually sounds like garbage. That’s why you don’t hear too many bass solos in music, but you also rarely hear any songs with absolutely no bass in them. It fills things out and adds something necessary to the song. It’s almost like you notice its absence more than its presence. I feel like I’m contributing something without really being at the forefront, which is exactly where I want to be in most aspects of my life. I’m even starting to get confident enough to sing at the same time with some songs. Oh, and it also gives me the chance to worship God and give back some of the talent he’s given me, which Lord knows I don’t do enough.

Now for my final subject, sucking at golf. I started playing golf last year. I’ve gone to the range and hit the ball around before that, and I’m actually really good at mini-put, but real golf ain’t no mini-put. The main reason I suck is because I can’t drive. I ALWAYS slice. No matter what I do. I’ve tried aiming 50 meters left of my target. I’ve tried angling my club to the left. I’ve tried putting my right foot way ahead of my left foot. No matter what I do the ball goes straight, then straight, then keeps going straight, almost reaches the green, then does a total 90 degree turn and winds up almost on the adjacent fairway. It’s infuriating. I’m hit-or-miss on chipping and I’m a pretty decent putter when I take my time and really put some thought into it. It’s just that damn slice. It makes golf less fun for me. My Dad keeps telling me to take lessons, but frankly I can’t afford it and I don’t see him shelling out the cash. I may just have to compensate for my slicing for a while. I’d probably still suck even if I didn’t slice though. I just don’t have the patience for golf. Not because I’m an impatient person, but because there’s always two or three people behind you, standing there waiting for you to finish up so they can use the hole next. Sounds like my ex-girlfriend. Ba-dump-psssshhhh. Just kidding actually, my last girlfriend was a saint.

So, that about wraps it up then. I hope you enjoyed my very random ramblings today. Don’t worry. I’ll get back to structure soon enough.

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