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Double D’s Daily Dose Blog A: Introduction

Hello, my name is David Denis, also known as Double D by my close friends and people who keep forgetting to not call me “Denis.” What you’re reading right now is my blog. Perhaps you stumbled onto it by accident. Perhaps you have a genuine interest in my thoughts or maybe you’re just here to be nice to me in the hopes that I might one day make love to you. Well, whatever your reason, I’m glad you came. I hope you enjoy your stay.

This is an introduction, by the way. I figured my first blog should set up the pins before I knock them over. So let’s talk a little about Double D’s Daily Dose and what I plan to do with it. First off, it has the word “daily” in there for a reason. I plan on updating this blog every day, except for days when I’m away. When that happens I’ll attempt to let my loyal reader(s) know in advance, so he/she/they won’t be upset. However, don’t expect me to ALWAYS let you know. Sometimes things come up unexpectedly and cut into my plans. I apologize in advance. Otherwise, I’ll be updating this thing every day.

Secondly, I’ll try to keep things short. It’s bad enough if you have to read my random thoughts every day. It’s even worse if I ramble. This is where the word “dose” comes in. It’s a dose, not an over-dose. Unless it’s a special occasion, I’ll try to keep things short and sweet, so you can say, “Hey that was pretty entertaining, now back to work. These dead hooker bodies won’t bury themselves.” I know you have pressing things to attend to. Wink wink.

Finally, you might be wondering, “Double D, what can I expect from this blog? Will there be naked women?” First off, get your mind out of the gutter, ya perv! As for what you can expect, there won’t be any nudity, but there will be the naked thoughts of a strange, lonely nerd bearing his heart, soul and mind for your enjoyment and scoffing. In other words, I’ll talk about whatever I damn well please. It may not even be geek-related. I don’t give a shit. But no matter what, you’ll read it. You’ll read it and you’ll like it, young man!

So, that’s about it. Stay tuned for more blogs in the future. Many more! So many more it’ll blow your f***ing mind! I just realized that I gave everyone reading this a new reason to keep living. You should all thank me. Think about how much it would suck if you died and I kept releasing stuff without you. A lot, that’s how much!

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