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Double D Says He’s Sorry …

For not being able to write a review of The A-Team like I wanted. Actually I was planning on doing an elaborate double review of The A-Team and The Karate Kid. It looks like that’s not happening now. Basically what happened is I went to go see The A-Team on Saturday, but the cinema where I saw it was experiencing some technical difficulties as the high frequencies on their front speakers weren’t coming in clearly, so it was very hard to hear any dialog. I was straining the entire movie. I went back yesterday hoping that the problem would be fixed. I bought tickets for The A-Team and The Karate Kid. I was very excited to see the movie with proper audio, especially since the guy at the ticket counter assured me that they had fixed the problem. Finally the movie started and I realized that they hadn’t fixed it. After about ten minutes I decided to leave and ask for a refund. They obliged me, but it meant that I’d have to wait two hours for the next showing of either film at the next closest cinema and I really didn’t want to wait that long with nothing to do, so I came home. :'(

So, I can’t really write a fair review of the movie, though from what I saw (and couldn’t hear) it was a fantastic summer film that, although somewhat ridiculous (they fly a tank for Pete’s sake!) is also extremely entertaining and stays true enough to the heart of the original show. I had a great time watching it and it really put me in a great mood, audio problems or not. So, I’d definitely recommend it for anyone who wants a fun summer action movie in the vein of what Star Trek was last year. The A-Team is this year’s surprise hit and should not disappoint. Despite it’s plot holes, useless subplots and nonthreatening villains, I really didn’t care. I really liked it enough to overlook most of it’s flaws. The A-Team is sitting at about a 4/5 for me right now, but we’ll see if that changes once I get a chance to watch it again with better sound. It is, after all, one half of the experience.

Anyways, what can I talk about to make up for the lack of review this week? How about a discussion of my movie watching habits as of late. I’ve actually been focusing on trying to watch everything on the AFI Top 100 Films list (both the 1997 and 2007 versions if possible) I’ve made it up to #25 on the original list, but I’ve got a long way to go to watching them all. Thankfully the Welland Public Library has literally nothing, but classic AFI recognized films. I’ve also been watching a lot of Hitchcock movies recently. I love that man, watching many of his films, even less recognized ones makes you realize how brilliant he really was. Every shot, every action has a purpose and a power behind it. The man was a genius and just in case you were wondering, my favourite is North by Northwest. That is easily one of my all time favourite movies. As weird as it sounds, I’ve also been going back and watching the bonus features on some of my old favourite Don Bluth movies. His commentaries are awesome. If you ever get a chance to pick up the Family Fun Editions of Anastasia or The Secret of NIMH, please do. They are very well put together. Today I’m probably going to watch Annie Hall. I really want to find out how anything could beat Star Wars for best picture and it is pretty high up there on the list as well. I was thinking of some day making my own Top 25. I really don’t know if I’ve seen enough movies to make a comprehensive Top 100. I mean, I could but I would be stretching it. So, at some point in the future look forward to that and possibly a long discussion on the historical significance of Citizen Kane. The one film lecture that every film student must endure is the one on how amazing Citizen Kane is. I won’t lie, it is pretty awesome.

So, I don’t know what else to tell you beyond that. I have been really busy lately writing and working part time at a local comic shop, trying to scrounge enough money to buy a camera and a better quality microphone and mixer so I can do more content and rants for you guys, but it’ll be a little while longer before I have the cash to do so. I have big plans when I do however. I’m also busy working on my third full length screenplay (probably my most ambitious yet) and of course I plan on brining you more blogs to come. I’m going to see Toy Story 3 in Imax 3D this Friday with my girlfriend, so look forward to a review of that. I can’t wait! 😀 Hurray for Toy Story! The only way a bigger part of my childhood could ever make a comeback like this is if they made a new Tron movie … Oh, wait.

So, stay tuned for more reviews, more nonesense and more me! Catch ya later guys!

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