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Double D does the movies-Episode 9 beyond Thunderdome

**Editors note-There is no graphic because my photoshop is acting up-Instead enjoy this cute picture of Birdman’s kitten-Dr Wily!*


Hey guys, welcome to another exciting episode of Double D Does the Movies! Double D switches things up this time around by not only introducing a new co-host, Liam Larsen, but also by reviewing a slew of random, classic titles. Rather than taking on the films of the month, Double D and Liam take on the films of the ages by tackling some challenging classic titles, including Mad Max: Beyond Thuderdome, Cats Don’t Dance and The Thing! Dave and Liam also bring you the skinny on the latest movie news from straight from Hollywood to your eager ears. So sit back, hit the play button and enjoy an all new experience on Double D Does the Movies, and don’t forget to leave your feedback too by sending e-mails to feedback@thisweekingeek.net with the subject line “Double D”.

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