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Birdman’s Quest for BlazeBlue:Calamity Trigger

Recently I decided to make a comeback into the world of video and with help of my live in video editor, Dave; we made this little video.

Special thanks to Flip Video for the help with the Flip Video Ultra HD and Aksys Systems and lastly Mad Catz for the SF 4 TE Fight Stick

Few games capture my interest based on artwork alone and hype but Blazeblue: Calamity trigger did but it did and it made quite the impression. I am sure your asking right now…

“Birdman, what the hell is Blazeblue?”
Well, I’m glad you asked.

Blazeblue is the next generation fighter that seems to be very much the spiritual successor of the Guilty Gear series and was and still is an Arcade success which debuted last year and made the leap to consoles in the last little while. My work at Pownz brings into the competitive fighting game scene and this really made me want to ramp up my skills,etc and this is where I heard about this game.  The game has an amazing artstyle and a soundtrack that was sonic awesome-ness.

If you can find an LE version of this game then pick it up because I have a feeling copies will get scarce in a month or so as word spreads of this fighter. I’ll call it right now, sleeper hit of the year that will eventually find it’s way into MANY MANY homes by year’s end.

So playing Blazeblue with a tournament stick was like going back to the arcades of old and having a grand old time and especially with the world class ass kicking. Still, I’m still very new at the game and have only played a few matches against Stef and Dave but love what I am playing so far, it deep, fun and most of all, it’s new to the vast majority of people.

Blazeblue, as we said on the competitive Edge with Chris, we don’t know where it’ll end up in terms of the competitive scene. I hope this becomes a next level competetive level game like Street fighter 4 and SF 2 HD Remix but only time will tell and I know I’ll be following EVO very closely and seeing where this ends up.

Anyway guys, this was our trip into Buffalo and our epic quest to find this great game.

I’ll be posting alot more as I move towards my new goal of becoming a competitive gamer and the video game journalist with a PH.D 🙂

Live free or die hard

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