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Birdman’s Boombox-Warp 11

Welcome back to Birdman’s Boombox! We prepare to engage our warp engines all the way up to 11 with today’s interview and listening party!
Warp 11 is not easily classified. At first glance, their torn Federation uniforms might lead you to believe it’s a farce. But Warp 11 is no parody band. This is serious original music, amplifying the raw energy of Green Day, the rebellion of the Beastie Boys, the wit of Weezer and the hard driving tradition of AC/DC into fresh songs that simply won’t leave your head.

Warp 11 is also not a tribute band. While the band members are astute sci-fi / fantasy fans, fully engaging in the occasional D&D game, their music is too honest to be considered a tribute. Instead, Warp 11 lyrics are clever social commentary on the impacts of genre media franchises – a humorous look that is both celebratory and playfully self-deprecating.

Based in Sacramento, the band members spent years in several local punk and hard rock bands honing their musical chops. Their rock-god prowess is demonstrated at packed live gigs throughout Northern California where the band has built a strong, loyal following. Warp 11 shows find an unlikely mix of the sci-fi convention-savvy and the rock club elite all wearing sci-fi costumes, dancing and shouting lyrics to favorites such as “Seven of Mine.” It seems only a matter of time before Warp 11 cannot be contained in California any longer and a warp core breach brings the fun to the world at large.

Their latest release (CD number 6 in their arsenal) is their first concept album entitled “Borgasm.” It’s like Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” meets Rush “2112” meets Williams Shatners “The Transformed Man”

Jerk my Kirk
I Don’t Want to Go to Heaven as Long as They Have Vulcans in Hell
She’s wired

You can find out more by Visiting their official website
and checking out their music and more at The Official Warp 11 Store


Mike “The Birdman” Dodd

Captain Karl Miller of Warp 11

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