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#6 – Bloodsport

My 3rd Van Damme masterpiece. This one is actually based on a true story apparently, which is quite shocking because it has so many karate movie/ Jean Claude Van Damme movie clichés, including the annoying reporter leading lady, the tough as nails bad guy and the somewhat obnoxious sidekick. It leads me to believe that all these clichés actually stemmed from this one guy’s life. Hmm, interesting. This movie is enjoyable though if not taken too seriously. It’s just your typical karate fighting movie with all the cheesy lines, bad ADR, Stan Bush music and action packed fighting scenes you could ever want. So, if you’re in the mood, plop it in to see JCVD kick some ass when he was really young. You also get to see JCVD’s ass when he was really young. I’m not gay or anything, but that man has one fine ass.

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