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#30 – Gran Torino

Clint Eastwood has stated that this will be his absolute last time to grace the screen and I have to say I’ll be sad to see him go. For those of you who don’t know Clint is a hero of mind and my favourite director which is why I was kind of disappointed when the Academy failed to give this movie best actor or best song nods. It’s not Eastwood’s best and it’s not where close to Unforgiven or Mystic River (I still haven’t seen the Iwo Jima movies yet, maybe later.) The only problem with this movie is Eastwood seems a bit too preoccupied with making himself look like a bad ass. He does a pretty good job at it however, especially for a man of his age. I know I still wouldn’t mess with him. However, despite how tough he seems to be in this role, Clint also seems to be a bit more obsessed with old age, sickness and death, issues that he handles like a wise old man would, a powerful combination of fear and peace. The movie also touches on many other issues like racism and violence in a powerful and provocative way. The main reason to watch the movie is Eastwood’s Walter Kowalski, angry, bitter, but ultimately a good man. However, some of the supporting performances were also pretty solid, the best of which came from Christopher Carley as young Father Janovich. Like I said before, Gran Torino doesn’t pack the same punch that Mystic River did (I’d have to say that’s my favourite Eastwood film and probably my favourite movie of 2003), but it’s still a powerful film with a good message despite its flaws and it really is worth seeing.

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