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#29 – Milk

Here’s the next movie on my list of Best Picture nominees to see before the Oscars actually happen. I really liked Milk. It’s intelligently written and brilliantly directed with a stunning performance by Sean Penn. Milk will inspire people, both gay and straight to go out and accomplish their dreams no matter how much opposition they might face. Milk rises through the ranks of the San Francisco political scene, but not without resistance however. He receives pressure from angry protestors, a boyfriend committing suicide, and eventually his own demise after being shot and killed by fellow Politian Dan White, also brilliantly portrayed by Josh Brolin. Milk is a film that rises above the crowd and will be remembered for years as a movie that inspired many and disappointed few. Jeez, I’ve been liking a lot of movies lately. I guess I just have good taste in avoiding the bad ones, except for Things. Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha!

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