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#28 – Dogma

Definitely one of Kevin Smith’s better movies, Dogma was more or less his foray into comic book/ adventure territory with a much bigger budget than any of his previous movies. This was the point where Kevin Smith finally proved his worth to Hollywood once and for all. Dogma isn’t perfect however, some of the characters are a little superfluous and some of the extreme violence more than unnecessary, but overall Kevin succeeds to make a film that entertains with both adventure, laughs and biting satire as he takes on the biggest titan of them all, the Catholic church. It’s all in good fun however, as Kevin himself is a Catholic, and the film does bring up some interesting points about religion and the nature of a relationship between man and God. Kevin knows what he’s talking about most of the time and here it shows. This is one of the few View Askew movies that even non-fans can enjoy. It’s highly recommended for anyone who questions religion as well as anyone who questions Kevin Smith’s abilities as a filmmaker.

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