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#25 – The Visitor

I watched this one because I thought TWiG might have had a shot at an interview with Oscar Nominee Richard Jenkins. Well, we didn’t get the interview because someone else was faster, but I still enjoyed some things about this film. It’s not a very exciting movie first of all, so don’t go into The Visitor expecting it to be super-dramatic or anything. It’s a very subdued film despite its strong messages about racism and immigration and it’s this sort of quiet nature that makes the points so much stronger. However, I couldn’t help but feeling like I was watching a film that was preaching to me rather than entertaining me almost too much for my own comfort. All the actors do a great job however and Jenkins puts in one of the best performances of his career here. Jenkins is an extremely underappreciated acting force in our time and hopefully, if nothing more, this movie will bring him the attention he deserves. Although the film doesn’t succeed on every level it’s definitely an engaging film for those willing to be engaged, but it’s not for everyone and if you’re looking for Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (Go back 2 movies) then you won’t find it here, but you will find some good performances and some not-too-shabby filmmaking.

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