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#23 – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Speaking of John Hughes, here’s a John Hughes comedy for ya’ll. This is one of the few John Hughes movies I haven’t seen actually. This is probably the first one I should have seen however. Ferris Bueller is pretty much the epitome of John Hughes’s talent for making rebellious, yet loveable teenagers and throwing them into a ridiculous, yet somehow plausible plotline. This was also one of the first major “it takes place over the course of a day” comedies that others like Superbad and Mallrats seem to emulate. Not to mention it’s just a very entertaining and cheery film, obviously meant for anyone feeling down or depressed like Bueller’s best friend Cameron. So, if it’s a rainy day outside and you’re feeling blue, throw this movie on for a quick cheer up. Honestly, who couldn’t at least smile a little bit while Ferris is dancing in the streets of Chicago? Yet another movie that I’m sad I never saw when I was younger. It’s predictable, it’s typical, but it’s executed with perfection to avoid being just another cheesy 80’s comedy which it definitely is not. This is the movie that Mallrats was trying to be.

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