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#22 – Mallrats

Kevin Smith’s second movie in his Askewniverse saga. I rather enjoyed this one. It, once again, was not as good as Clerks, but was still a very entertaining film and also kick-started the career of future “My Name is Earl” star, Jason Lee. The only major problem with Mallrats is that it’s a bit too ridiculous and almost amateurish at times. I hate to sound like Kevin Smith’s mother, but I really expected better of him after how intelligent Clerks was. This move felt more like a tribute to the kind of humour that made John Hughes rich in the 80’s. That’s both a good thing and a bad thing depending on the scene. Some of them are hilarious. The climax on the game show set had me rolling on the floor where as a few other scenes just didn’t pull their weight as much as they should have. I think the main problem here is that Kevin Smith was thinking too much about making people laugh and not enough about really touching his audience the way he did with some of his more intelligent films. Mallrats is worth a watch, especially if you’re a fan of Smith’s work, but I would recommend both of the Clerks movies first.

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