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#2 – Tropic Thunder

I wanted to see this movie in theatres, but never really had a chance. I never really expect much when I watch a so-called “Frat Pack” comedy, but Tropic Thunder was a little bit better than I expected, which isn’t to say it was great, but it was funny and that’s all you’re really paying for with movies like these. If you want good writing watch The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, if you want laughs watch Tropic Thunder. Hollywood loves to make fun of itself and Tropic Thunder is one of the better Hollywood send-ups of recent history. It felt like the combination of the ill-fated making of Apocalypse Now and that one song that Ben Stiller and Jack Black performed at the Academy Awards a few years ago about how comedy stars never win Oscars, at least I think it was Ben Stiller and Jack Black. Either way, the references to the Teen Choice Awards and going “full retard” will have film buffs laughing while the rest of the movie will satisfy “Frat Pack” fans. It just felt like this movie could have been a little bit more, like it was dumbing itself down on purpose, but maybe that’s just me. By the way, Tom Cruise is hilarious in this movie.

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