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#17 – Time Cop 2: The Berlin Decision

I said no more Jean Claude Van Damme movies. I didn’t say no more Jean Claude Van Damme spinoff movies. This is probably the last one of those I’ll review though. I was interested in watching this after seeing the original Time Cop after seeing it at the Bloor around Christmastime. This one isn’t too bad actually. It gets a bad rap from a lot of people, but I think I have a soft spot for these films for some reason. I know they’re dumb, but I love them. Jason Scott Lee Does a great job replacing JCVD for the title role and even though the movie is full of plot holes and clichés I had a pretty good time watching it because it’s stupid sci-fi action fun, just like the first film and in that way it’s a decent follow up and hopefully they make a third instalment.

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