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#16 – Bon Cop, Bad Cop

I’ve wanted to see this one for the longest time, since I live in Canada and this is the highest grossing Canadian film of all time. Well, with a killer that picks off hockey league stars and enough bilingual jokes to confuse even the most versed of both languages, this is about as Canadian as it gets. I was a little put off at first by just how Canadian it is, but fortunately it has a great script and some pretty good acting to back it all up. I enjoyed this one a lot. It was butt loads of fun being both funny and action packed. It wasn’t without problems obviously with a killer that seems to lack motivation and a script that’s a bit predictable at times, but it’s made up for by just how much fun you’ll have watching this whether you’re Canadian or not. It reminded me of Lethal Weapon during some of its better moments and it contains the same charm that made that movie so great.

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