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What kind of Altered Geek are you?


Project: Altered Geek is a new endeavor by Steve “Megatron” to flesh out the current run of the podcast and evolve it. This version of the show will focus on broader topics and be a soapbox of ways we’re altering our geekdom. Starting this episode to episode 200, the format will change often and encompass a lot more topics.

This episode also features the information about the Power Rangers new film’s Zordon, Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Video, Star Wars Rebels return and a bit more.

Your Geek Question for the Week

  • In what ways are you altering your geekdom?
  • What’s something I’ve never covered which you’d like?


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We hope you continue to enjoy the episodes and please feel free to respond to any and all feedback methods. We will read and reply on the show. Topic suggestions also welcome. So get Altered, Get Geeky with the Altered Geeks.

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  • Brad Mull

    New look, new site, new feel. Is it a new year? Funny first up I got a slurpy ad lol. I find one of your topics interesting, Netflix removing some of your wife’s fav shows. A few weeks ago you discussed selling dvd’s and only having online content. While the idea on paper sounds good, in reality it has issues. First up its always assumed the Internet will be there to stream. Now I don’t want to sound like a doomsday prepped or anything like that, but small things like a black out, network outage or hardware failure can leave you high and dry without the ability to stream films and shows. I recently lost power for three days, oh how much we rely on that wifi signal.
    While I am building a digital media collection, I always want a hard copy of that media on hand if ever I need it. I’m not 100% on how the new Netflix feature works where you can download a movie to watch later, but I bet there’s a expiry period on anything downloaded. Being in Australia I won’t see that feature for another three years.
    The whole digital v physical media discussion is endless, but it’s just interesting to look at both sides and see the pros and cons

    • These actually give me awesome content to talk about next episode haha.

      Yeah weird on the ads. I was told if the ad doesn’t appeal to you to I think there’s a way to report it so yeah weird. I just linked to the Blogtalkradio files to see if that makes a difference showing true numbers on listen and download.

      Yeah the DVD thing is touchy for me on both sides of that fence. May try for a guest this week on it.

      I will try out the Netflix download feature this week so I can report back on it in the new episode.

      • Brad Mull

        🙂 personally if I love a film soundtrack or music albulm I don’t mind having a physical copy wether it’s in storage or on a shelf next to the PC. Other films I don’t watch as often I’m happy to have a digital copy. I guess it’s like YouTube content also, I heard this somewhere else, but think of your fav content providers on YouTube. If for whatever reason they close thier channel that content it simply wiped from the Internet.