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Reinventing Yourself and Star Trek, Star Wars, Mass Effect and Nintendo Switch


Steve Megatron is flying solo as he talks Mental health, Mass Effect Andromeda, Nintendo Switch and Parental Controls, Star Trek Discovery, Star Wars The Last Jedi Snoke, and Verizon Charter merger talks.

Project: Altered Geek is a new endeavor by Steve “Megatron” to flesh out the current run of the podcast and evolve it. This version of the show will focus on broader topics and be a soapbox of ways we’re altering our geekdom. 

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  • What’s something I’ve never covered which you’d like?


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  • Tim Silvers

    Hey, Steve. I understand why you would want to “start fresh” on social media. I have been considering evaluating my friends list just because I have a lot of acquaintances. And I have posted some political things after the election. I remained silent beforehand when I saw outlandish posts on my feed, but I let it go. Now, I feel I need to post some honest views on topics, but I try to pick and choose, and I look for unbiased news.

    Sorry to hear about Mike ‘The Birdman’. We’re all pulling for him to get better.

    The big business mergers always concern me. They always tell us that it is to better serve the customers, but prices go up and service goes down. In some towns, you only have one or two choices as it is, so two large companies merging means some of those areas will have but one choice for service. I’m on Comcast right now. Been with them since moving almost two years ago. We got a good price on bundle, but the deal is up this year…it was a two-year contract. We have one other option, but it’s DSL at 3 Mbps, whereas we can get much faster speeds with Comcast. To be honest, the service has been good. I like the X1 box and the Internet is reliable, but U-verse by AT&T was better in our old neighborhood, but they don’t service the area we live now. Anyway, those are my thoughts. Thanks for taking the time to put together a brief podcast.

    • I have found it’s helped me filter out a lot of politics and garbage on social media. Still purging Twitter a little at a time but it’s coming along. May do more on Facebook too but depends. I just find it makes for more interesting and meaningful conversations if I feel inclined to comment.

      Yeah Birdman is pulling through but it’s a long road. Will try to get him on the show in the next couple episodes.

      The mergers scare me as well. I have Comcast but the costs suck. DSL is just WAY too slow for my needs too. I hate the two option system though. Makes for a miserable choice either way.

      No problem on the show and I have some ideas on things that should resonate in the next episode.