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Digital media v physical media and the morality of digital resurrection


On this episode of “Project: Altered Geek,” Steve is joined once again by TFG1 Mike to discuss a variety of topics ranging from Digital Media v Physical Media, “Home Alone” fan edits, Gaming habits, 2017 film expectations, morality in digital resurrection of actors and way’s we’re altering our geekdom.

Project: Altered Geek will conclude on episode 200, the format will change often and encompass a lot more topics. As to the future beyond that, who knows.

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  • Brad Mull

    Update from last correspondence, I downloaded the new update for the Netflix app after the last show. There’s a wide range of tv shows and movies you can download. They all go into the my downloads area. Items downloaded don’t appear to have a expirey date until you watch them. Once a films watched you have 48 hours before it’s removed by Netflix. So far loving the download feature, because I’m on the road a lot I’ve been able to watch a heap of new tv shows and films that I’ve missed over the last year.

  • Brad Mull

    On the upcoming movie conversation, ep8 is probably the one I’ll be going to the cinema for. Interesting to see how they will plot another Death Star into it. Cars 3 will be interesting. They knocked toy story 3 out of the park, and I feel the same about that trilogy as I do the cars trilogy. And I enjoy planes also.
    After just seeing suicide squad, nothing from dc interests me this year. I’m just not going to waste my time.
    I’m liking the power rangers trailer, if it’s dump pop corn fun like the originals series I’ll be happy. There’s a low bar there.
    Logan looks good, transformers would be on my list also since I’m one of a select few that have no issue with the live action films, and Lego batman should be great fun also

  • Brad Mull

    Oh yeah I’m interested to see how they do with wonderwoman. But my interest ends when she joins the league