Name: Alex “The Producer” Ricci
Job title: Producer/Administrator/Content Curator
Specialty: Audio/Video Tech, JRPGs, Science Fiction, Obscure TV Shows
Twitter @DeThPhaseTWIG
Instagram: @DeThPhase

Origin story:

Alex is a jack-of-all-trades type with a myriad of interests and skills. Fascinated robots and spaceships at a young age he originally wished to pursue a career in filmmaking. He dabbled in computer science in high school, received professional certification in computer repair and networking, and finally graduated college with a diploma in Purchasing/Supply-Chain Business Management. Alex grew up in a family that always had an ear for high end audio (summers at his Grandfather’s house with theater grade wall unit sized Klipschorn speakers) gave him a discerning ear for audio tech.

An avid listener of ThisWeekInGeek from its inception in 2007 let him down the path of podcasting and Alex joined the team in 2017 to help revitalize the show and brand, and the rest as they say is history!