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Alex “The Producer” Ricci

Full name: Alexander William Ricci

Nickname: The Turd King aka Show-finder aka The Producer

Job title: Producer, Content Curator, IT

Specialty: Rare and forgotten television shows.

Contact: alex@thisweekingeek.net Website: www.turdortreasure.com (launching March 2018) Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/DeThPhaseTWIG

About: Alex was born on February 2nd 1987. Originally a Scarborough suburb boy he moved around a fair bit as a kid, from Scarborough to Barrie to Woodstock before settling down in Kitchener in the mid 1990’s. KW being the Silicon Valley of the north was the perfect environment to grow up geeky. Intensely interested in robots and science fiction from a very young age thanks mostly to the introduction of the original Transformers animated feature film at the age of 4 (current view count in the upper 400s) and a family wide shared weekly viewing ritual of The X-Files, Sliders, and Star Trek TOS early on.

Alex has a passion for discovering/finding rare and forgotten television programs likely inherited from his father’s love of 50s/60s Americana/Canadiana and his grandfather’s lifelong love of collecting rare and often forgotten vinyl records.

Trained IT professional, film-production hobbyist, video-game enthusiast, table-top role-playing newbie, college supply-chain business graduate. A jack of all trades, master of some.

If TWIG was a 1990’s boy-band, Alex would be the “Large, Quick Witted, Insanely Dark Humoured One”


1. Do/Believe whatever you want as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone.

2. Everything is fair game when it comes to comedy. Be an equal opportunity dark joke offender.


“Am I wrong?” – Walter from The Big Lebowski

“She’s so hot I’d eat the nuts out of her s***.” – Birdman

Superpower: Superhuman Metabolism Control

Favourite Drink(s): Water, Diet Mountain Dew, The impossible to find Diet Dr Pepper knock off from Walmart

Favourite Food(s): Mexican cuisine, Lolas, The uniquely spiced Doritos knock off Food Basics carried in the 90’s to early 2000’s (If anyone remembers them they were the best chips on the planet), and those weird sour rock candies sold only in the early 90’s because they made your spit change colour and schools boycotted the sale of them (no one remembers the product name. If you do, email me!)

Favourite Movie(s): Transformers (1986), Boogie Nights, Starship Troopers

Favourite Music: Rush, Dream Theater, Opeth, Steven Wilson, Euro Dance, 80’s pop

Favourite Book: Ender’s Game

Favourite Transformer: A transformer I received as a toddler. Well it was a knock-off the size of a child’s Tonka truck styled robot hat was waterproof. If I ever find a picture of it I will post a link to it.