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About This Week in Geek

This Week in Geek is the best place for geeks who like podcasts to find podcasts that are created by
geeks. It’s a Nirvana for nerds, a Valhalla for geeks, a Heaven for fanboys. From movies to TV to comics
to video games and beyond, we’ve got everything you need!

Every week, the crew at thisweekingeek.net will bring you loads of content, from our wild, off-the-cuff
title show to our many other great podcasts, like The Untitled Mike and Laura Project, featuring the
hilarious, off-the-cuff discussions of two nerds in love or Review-O-Rama where host David “Double D”
Denis brings you the latest product reviews for the savvy consumer. No matter what your poison is, you
can definitely find it here. (Note: This Week in Geek does not condone the use of poison.)

So join Mike “The Birdman” Dodd, Steve “Snowball” Saylor, Mike “The Fist of Justice” Laidman,
Laura “LT Smash” Thomas, Dave “Double D” Denis, Mike “TFG1” Blanchard, and the rest of the TWiG
Crew as we discuss … well, whatever we feel like. It’s an endless geeky conversation that we started
ages ago (in 2007) and we hope to keep it going for many years to come!

The conversation doesn’t end with us though. We want you, the listener, to join in the fun too! So
join the TWiG army by leaving us your thoughts/compliments/complaints/insults in the comments
section below each episode post or by firing us an e-mail at feedback@thisweekingeek.net or by leaving
us a voice-mail at 817-717-7202. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter here: CLICK HERE NOW! or like our
fan page on Facebook here: THE FACEBOOK! If you’re lucky maybe we’ll read your feedback on one of
our shows, and if you’re feeling really lucky you can enter one of our giveaway contests.

If you call it geek, we call it covered.